Some people think it’s no use talking about certain things… They say… it’s insane… Some even say it’s almost a “sin” talking about such things. But I’m not nuts. In fact, I think it’s the opposite. I’m just someone who listens to his own inner voice, his own soul, his own conscience, instead of listening to the misleading noise of the world. And I am not the only one.

Do you want to know what I think?  I can’t shake the feeling that we must recover the courage and the utopianism … to commit the “sin” we didn’t have the heart of doing: to create a world with better quality of life, a better quality of life for everyone, from both the financial and social point of view, including our future generations. 

There’s no doubt, globalization brought millions of people into the middle class, in the last decades… just look at Brazil… China… India… but at the same time, other hundreds of millions of people left the middle class, and discovered impoverishment, or even poverty. Especially in the western world’s pulse: America and Europe.

At the end of summer 2016 McKinsey published a research about the 25 most advanced economies in the world.  Research has established that income of the 70% of the population of these countries has decreased, or remained unchanged (at best) – relative to their purchasing power…. right through the final consequences…

All of this means, in terms of actual figures, that between 540 and 580 million people have become poorer. This only in the most developed economies.  Imagine what happens in less-developed economies.

“This is the worst process of impoverishment in recent history”

Let’s try to understand the dynamics, or at least the effects of the economy today... Eight men … yes, you got it right … eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity, according to a new report published by Oxfam to mark the 2017 annual meeting of political and business leaders in Davos.

Look around … there are a lot of good people out there… and good entrepreneurs… but we should pretend to be stupid or blind not to understand that a good number of Big Business and the Super-Rich are fueling the inequality crisis by dodging taxes, driving down wages and using their power to influence politics.

If you can’t “photograph” the current situation in the form in which it emerges from the McKinsey research, or Oxfam report, it is hard to make sense of the kind of “relay race” at the White House… or Brexit… and you have a hard time understanding the political impotence to address the good of all.

We’re now counting the cost of an appalling subservience to a recipe of an unbridled economic liberalism.  And we live the effects of an uncontrolled globalization.  In itself,  globalization is extremely positive. But not when it’s constantly for its own sake, in an uncontrolled way, where only a few benefit, and it benefits jobs and the local population only to a very limited extent.

If that’s not the case, then why at Davos forum, UN chief Guterres called businesses “best allies” to curb climate change and poverty? The truth, which is clear to all to see, is that we have pumped billions into a “System” from which only a few benefit, whereas the ordinary people must content themselves… with taking potluck…  and have to bear the risks and the costs, with all that that entails…

Ladies and gentlemen, look… it might seem more than fair when delocalization robbed men of jobs and salaries… the future from low-professional-qualification manpower …  You, know, all things considered, it was thought almost as a toll for the modernization of the “System” … wasn’t it? But the problem now is that another aspect has been added to the equation … technological innovation, which is itself extremely positive … but that’s triggered millions of redundancies…

The situation has become a catastrophe in several areas of manufacturing, mining, and steel industry. Especially in America and Europe. In these fields, “cathedrals in the desert” have been created… which are now derelict lands… where there once was the well being… there is now only desolation. Young people have neither values nor future in these places. They have to move on.

But let us also look at what white collars are doing… take the bank industry, for example. Many people had to go… in America and Europe… but that was the middle class …. People who had no problem sending their kids to university … But when a couple of parents sit around the table in the evening, trying to figure out whether they can send to University the first born, or the second… because they do not have the financial viability to send them both… that’s when this situation fuels frustration… anger … and rebellion. Not to mention the folks having little or nothing.

“All of this, inevitably leads to a crisis of democracy and political representation”

And we’re now already seeing some of the first real effects … general discontent, in the vast majority of the western population, particularly at grass-roots level, and a triumph of populism … in America and throughout Europe. And not only.  

Let’s not talk now about the scale of migration … from Africa and Middle East … which is a factor that is making things worse….  it’s like an unstoppable exodus to Europe … It is an unmanageable situation now … We just pretended they didn’t exist … but they exist… and there are so many of them… and are knocking on Europe’s doors, in the hope of a better life.

Please, mind you,  “Capital” has the sacrosanct right to look for an activity, or a site where it can get greater profits. But don’t human beings have the same right to have a dignified life? Has “Capital” more rights than human beings? Is this the recipe? Democracy that goes hand-in-hand with wealth, and preys on the weakest sections of our societies?  We managed to live with major changes to the way of interpreting new mechanisms of civil society, personal freedom, individuality, and sexual preferences in the last 50 years. And all of which are wonderful. But how is it that we cannot understand that everyone needs (at least one chance) to make a decent life for themselves? Consciously or unconsciously. No matter who they are, where they are, or what they do.  Not all people have initiative, impetus and stamina… not all people realize that by changing the inner attitudes of their mind, they can change the outer aspects of their lives… not all people have a superior intelligence… and most of all, not all people have the right conditions to develop themselves.  And when people like that in large numbers can’t? What do we do? What do we say to these people? We don’t give a cr…  about what you want?

“Something isn’t right here, something as big as a mountain”

A lot of you are probably wondering… Massimo why do you say these things? The reason is simple.  All social and cultural changes mentioned above, do not cause wars. But hunger and excessive social inequalities do. It’s like a pressure cooker …  you cannot keep the pressure on constantly. History teaches us all this has already happened… when huge numbers of people feel cornered… and are in dire straits… that’s the way human beings just react… it doesn’t matter… whether it’s good or bad…  You know, the recurrent cycles of human history.   Then, there is another reason. We all live here … This planet is our home, until we can find another one … There is a scientific basis behind the idea of the interrelatedness of life, and all things. 

“We are like a single organism, and when an organism is at war with itself, is doomed”

So what do we do?  I have no right … and I am not in a condition to tell you what to do.  At least not in the conventional sense of the word. I can only tell you what I do, and set an example. I have business to conduct, but I also do something for other people, in various forms… not only giving them a “fish”, but above all teaching them how to be better persons, and how “to fish”.

But even if there were 100,000 like me, the thing would be just a drop in the ocean, because this is a SYSTEMIC CRISIS. Even the richest person in the world wouldn’t be able to solve the problems of hundreds of millions of people, alone. Because it’s not just about money. It’s about turning the Education system around …  from an early age and throughout school.  It’s about the way of interpreting reality more globally and accurately, and discover what’s best for us, and how we can be better.  And to do that, it takes a certain fellow feeling, a consensus of views from all sorts of people… a lot of people… to see things in a totally different way.

We should contribute to a plan of action, whose aim is to help ourselves reach a new awareness… a new level of shocking consciousness.  That requires a new Mind. A new way of thinking. If you think about this statement for any length of time, it’s blindingly obvious why we have a brain.  We have a brain to find solutions… to improve quality of life… and TO EVOLVE… by pulling together, not apart.

That’s how we got where we are, through the millennia. Time doesn’t move backwards, it moves forwards.  Whoever wants to put back the clock of history, is in serious need of a doctor. To put it mildly.

That is the reason why a new “Mind” is needed. And a new determination, because the journey starts from You, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.  Because there can’t be any large-scale Change until there’s a personal Change, on an individual level.  And you yourself are the great beneficiary of this Change. And when this happens, it creates a cascade effect because we are basically social beings from the beginning … we became social beings, meeting and sharing knowledge and craft, blending our similarities and differences. And this is no exception.  If your mind, and that of many others, works better, also many others’ minds will, in cascade.  

   “The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting”  Plutarch

Even though Plutarch lived centuries ago, he was dead right. Especially in the age we live in. We should spend less time at schools and universities filling our pupils’ and students’ minds with content and notions by lecturing at them, and more time igniting a 360-degree view of life, their consciousness, their creativity, their imagination and their problem-solving skills, firstly within themselves, and then for other people.  

On the other hand, if many people hadn’t a life’s tunnel vision, they would be able to see the Big Picture. And they would understand the need to work on themselves first, to be the best version of themselves, and influence others accordingly. To achieve this, a new quality of Education is needed.

“Education equals Evolution”

Education, understood as comprehensive learning, plays a vital role in the continuation of our species. If we hadn’t learned … we would still be in the Stone Age. And by education we mean a comprehensive view of life, and its interlinks, in every waybe it for personal growth, for expanding our minds, for changing our lives, for there to be time travel technology (Who’s to say it won’t happen?), to improve the relationships between humans, and between men and women, to understand humans’ relationship with nature and our planet, or to raise children – who may become a springboard for major changes all over the world for the benefit of all … children we’ll eventually be voting for…  and may luck stay with us in this challenge, given what’s happening in the world right now… fanatical nationalism, intolerance, racism, closed-mindedness, we-come-before-all-others boastful concepts, walls to keep people out … we got ’em in all shapes and sizes …  like in the Middle Ages.

“Things are getting really really crazy, and can get out of hand”

I might be wrong, but in my view, “high-level” stupidity is turning into a walking epidemic these days …  but the problem is that this kind of naked and cynical propaganda should not be underestimated, because it could erase it all and send us all back many years. Kind of like what happened toward the end of the Weimar Republic in Germany, about the 1933s … low wages… hunger… and just potatoes… someone manipulated crowds, and leveraged people’s angerThis is what happened and we all know what the outcome was…

“Education is all, and so is ignorance”

Education, in a broad sense,  the education that teaches you life, values, and how to bring out the best in us, is a big deal to me, and to us at Diactica. We are a community of people from various backgrounds who share thoughts and theories aimed at pushing humanity to the next stage, about understanding of life, communication, learning, education, evolution, technology, relationships, feelings, human qualities, people’s living conditions, nature, sport, our relation with this planet, with a 360-degree horizon.

We take the best from what may really turn everybody’s lives around, (which is anything but fear, hatred, division, and lack of ethics) – and make it real, vibrant, in our speeches, in our lives, in our line of starting and managing a business, in the products we make, in our way of treating others, in our way of helping others become better people, and make their dreams come true.

We are advocates of knowledge, who look at the potential of human mind as extension of a deeper human performance that once unleashed, can push humanity forward. 

“We all create our own destiny, with our own hands, every day we live”

If we do nothing, we are marginalizing ourselves, and then we cannot complain if other people make life-changing decisions (on behalf of us) we can’t share.  This applies both individually, as a personal growth opportunity, and as a collective growth.

Do you remember the movie “The Untouchables”? … “Youre nothing but a lot of talk and a badge” … Unfortunately, from what I see, this sentence can adapt to many political leaders these days (luckily not all of them) … everywhere, no matter who or where.

Being a leader … particularly with regard to a leader of a people or a nation, means doing good for the people, it means bringing about conditions which allow people to live a dignified life, in an international context, because we live in a global village today, for everything that happens, there’s repercussions. Every choice we make, especially at the top level, send ripples out into the world. It means setting a good example. Not manipulating people in order to reach a position of power, or for personal purposes. 

Ladies and gentlemen, our Values are what we do, how we behave, and not what we say we do.  Unfortunately, today there’s a short circuit between words and deeds.

In fact, there is such an enormous difference between the propaganda and reality that the voters have stopped listening. They just vote … as an angry visceral reaction to an impossibility of having a dignified life. Which is what’s happening in many countries today.

“We all live in a void of positive unifying values”

Graham Williams, the architect of what is now the Mindfit process, whose concept my colleague Neville Gaunt is a firm advocate, (and so am I) – once wrote in his book MIND FIT For Success “Leadership must change. Leaders need to be authentic, engaging and collaborative. To work in different timeframes and provide the context for their people. Leaders must not only inspire, but learn to involve, engage and empower. Leaders need to give power away and grow their people”

That’s true, Graham Williams is absolutely right.  I say that on the basis of my knowledge and experiences. But… you see any shining examples out there today, of what he said, especially at the highest level? I don’t see one anywhere.  If there were, we probably wouldn’t be in this situation.

What I’m saying is moving on two fronts. First front is at individual level.

“It’s called transformational knowledge that empowers you to expand your boundaries, and to really understand what’s around you”

Self-awareness, awareness of the REALITY around us, and the reality of oneness and the projection of our potential, to achieve personal growth. In this, what my colleague Neville Gaunt calls Mindfit, plays a key role.

Neville Gaunt tells that one universal human trait is based on what we believe is ‘the’ truth. We ignore or reject reality and defiantly refuse to check out the reality. We accept what we believe as a fact.

And he is right.  Our beliefs shape the facts as we want them to be. Not how they actually are.

Second front is the collective growth. Global growth. Growth of thought. I strongly believe that we must consciously develop a greater sense of universal responsibility, for which a greater, universal level of awareness is necessary, as well as a conception of the importance of and the reasons for a major CHANGE.

But… that’s kind of the tail wagging the dog…  It’s difficult to create a collective growth of thought without some serious individual growth of thought.  One cannot succeed without the other.

“But this is not about me, or someone else. This is not to help others. It is in our own interest. It’s about all of us”

It would be at best naive to believe that collective growth of thought, improvement of society, or even climate protection are things that work without anyone noticing or getting involved, and that is why that erroneous belief must be abandoned. 

Nowadays, it’s believed that whatever someone says publicly is for business or personal benefit. Because society is pretty cycnical about everything… You know, people don’t believe anything today unless they’ve seen it on the telly… that has become the most powerful tool to misinform…

“But that’s not how it is here”

Diactica image plus explI, and the people who are with me, only talk when we are convinced of what we are saying. This is not a game to me, and it is not a game to make money. Many will say… Massimo you’re insane… no, no… come on, it’s not like that… you see things that arent’ there…  it’s not that bad… To those people I say, travel, firstly deep down inside yourself, it’s a big change in your life, you know, when you start making the journey inward… and then travel outside yourself as well… talk to ordinary people… look at their lives… travel is particularly good for developing critical thinking, for examining your own values and beliefs, and for understanding true reality, which is sometimes the “other inconvenient truth” we can all relate to.

“Thank You”