A few months ago, I, Massimo Scalzo, and Neville Gaunt were talking about the fact that it is increasingly difficult for young entrepreneurs to raise funding.

If we lived in a conventional economy, as it once was, it is the real world that should influence the Markets, not the other way round, but by now real economy and markets are two galaxies far away from each other because they belong to two different systems of logic. What does that mean for us?  That means that finance capitalism is dominant.

But it was not always that way. After 9/11, Wall Street remained closed for few days because very sharp falls occurred in equity markets… people panicked.  And the global economy paid the consequences. The Internet-speculative bubble went off… and the era of  ‘finance capitalism’ started. 

Let me explain, please, because arguing about capitalism may raise some eyebrows… and I am the least likely candidate for questioning capitalism. I would not be able to do so, and it would not even occur to me to do so. 

I’m just trying to explain reality.

Finance “cubed” which is the most important product of neoliberism, because that’s what this is all about, has completely overturned the concept of Capital. There’s the traditional one, which produces value, by which, to list just some examples, you build a school, a bridge, you start a company, you create jobs… which is also what I’ve done in my life, just for the record… then there’s so called “contemporary capital” which extracts value, instead of producing it… because it is based on high-yield risky products… financial products which are totally disconnected from real life… which in many case bring about significant “rescue” costs on society… because of toxic assets… and we all saw what happened… especially in America, and Europe… not to mention rate manipulation…  loans to those who are not eligible… and so on… displacing debts of other people on the society… on ordinary people… even on governments, in short bringing about a worsening of social and economic conditions of ordinary people.

It works like that… Do you want some numbers? In 2008, Bank for International Settlements (BIS) estimated that the value of derivatives exchanged worldwide amounted to  765 trillion dollars, namely, 765,000 billion dollars, while the entire GDP of the world in 2007 was a bit more that 54 trillion dollars… less than one-fourteenth of derivatives exchanged… Things haven’t changed that much, actually, since then…

Do we really need other words?

Few became rich overnight… and almost all of the rest got “smaller” and in the process, many people became invisible – Getting rich is not a crime… of course not… if it were not for the fact that in this case finance capitalism kills entrepreneurial growth, because it extracts value from the Market, instead of producing it. 

 But the most insidious effect of all this is that this finance game (which, as I said, opened doors to personal fortune) has led many to a preference for speculation over investment for entrepreneurial growth in the global economy.  

That’s one of the main reasons why it is a little more difficult (to put it mildly) to find industrial investors… who want to “build” out of their own pockets, take actively part in the building of new startups, produce shared value… and create jobs.

That’s why… we have even had to borrow a word from religion… “angel” investors…  angels… why “angels”? Because they are few… and do something good… because they usually invest in the “person(s)” rather than the viability of the business…

They are focused on helping the business succeed, through RIGHT PEOPLE, rather than just reaping a huge profit from their investment overnight.

Today everything… EVERYTHING… has been sacrificed at the altar of wild neoliberalism… and now we have the appalling consequences of this situation… trust me, the System cannot work in this way forever… one day the “bubble” will be too big… we won’t be able to provide a so called “quick fix” … and the whole situation will collapse on our heads…if it keeps up…not only in respect of the economic consequences… but also because the social “gap” has grown out of all proportion in recent years. And history shows that people get tired of huge social inequalities… and lack of opportunities… with disastrous effects…   This has happened before over the course of human history, and it will certainly happen again, unless we all start seeing things differently,  working together for a better world…  we’ll never get to the bottom of this.

Now, you might say: Massimo you are a dreamer… but if I’m a dreamer, then so are some IMF researchers…

Even some key economists of IMF can tell… take a look at what some of them said on this subject: https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/fandd/2016/06/pdf/ostry.pdf

What’s the point of the whole Thing?

The point is that there’s less money going around, on a global scale, and what we have of global wealth comes mostly from virtual financial products, for the good of the few, not from real work and industrial production. So, it doesn’t contribute to the business growth and level of employment. That is the reason why there are less entrepreneurial initiatives, globally, and there’s a whole army of people scrambling to look for a job. A lot of people who must adapt to the demands of employers…. starting with their CVs… to avoid being shackled by selective software… which is, if you take a second to think… truly absurd. Because the job search is not a fashion show, or a who’s-the-better-looking-one game… on paper…

The situation in the labour market has come to such a pass, for example in Europe, that some countries instead of being pleased to collect billions in back taxes from some international corporations, (which is money that would benefit their civil societies, in terms of services of public interest ) they refuse to do so, (even if they got a European court ruling allowing it to collect it) because this would send a chilling message to other big companies that have invested in their countries in the past, or are thinking of doing so in the future. So… rules don’t count anymore in the face of shortage of jobs.  So, that’s what it’s come to. 

So what?

We are absorbed by the culture around us. It’s an entirely reflexive impulse that takes over. This thought process only moves in one direction. We simply can’t see anything else, because the “current”… the line of thinking is too strong, and we do think we’are taking the only path we can.  

But we don’t.

For sure we can’t change the System overnight.  But we can change ourselves… just enough to change ourselves for the better… and the world accordingly. What if we find something inside us that we can actually use to help us? Buckminster Fuller said:  “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

What if we have a new model inside and we are not aware of it?

Neville Gaunt is right… when he says: “…In fact Life is Simple and it’s the same People that Complicate it!… That may be hard to accept and believe but it’s true and if you give us the chance we’ll help you understand it, believe it for yourself and make it work for you.

Without change, something sleeps inside us and seldom awakens.

And we’ve all got that “switch”… inside us.  This wind of “being fulfilled” I’m talking of blows us from ourselves. Journey starts from ourselves. With Passion. Getting an overall plastic view of life, of ourselves, and reality surrounding us all, culminating in peeling back the layers of useless complexity and helping individuals, entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, owners that are stuck in a rut or people with an idea that need help in moving forward.

That’s what we do.

I don’t want to name great names… who made the “journey”… and became better persons, with a clear and a real purpose, or even successful persons…in the international sphere… that would be so obvious… but, take, for instance, Neville Gaunt himself… or someone else I can think of… who are among my connections on LinkedIn… Suzana Pekrul … or Gary Sharpe… or take me, Massimo Scalzo, in my small way, for instance…each having his or her own reasons, and I could name others as well… and I apologise if I’m not able to do it here. We are simply individuals that something has happened to, inside, and the journey began… failures and successes…  We looked inside ourselves… we looked around… with passion… with a 360-degree view, and, well, we just knew. And we used our minds, and changed course… We realized what we are, what we want out of our lives, and how we can achieve it, starting from ourselves. Never wavering.  We improved ourselves. We only could have floated… in the sea.. of the one-way street… of the age that we’re living in... if we didn’t. This is called “fulfillment, self-fulfillment”… and we’are not finished yet…

We learned to use the “force” of our minds that is in all of us. Who wouldn’t do anything possible to make their lives better, and make the world a better place?

That’s what we want to do for YOU!

Are You in?