Our Mission

We are determined to make life better for the people by enabling everyone to unleash their fullest potential – to be the best they can be through a 360° learning.
We stand for transformational education. Can you imagine all the things you should have been taught in school, but never got the chance to learn?

We know very well that feeling of unease in people, in today’s world:

Workers who are frightened by the insecurity of precariousness or loss of jobs through pressure to perform and get immediate results. Robots and Artificial Intelligence replacing many repetitive jobs that people are currently performing. Most students soon learn that their “promised land” rarely coincides with reality, and the most expensive items on the “menu” of life are beyond their reach. The “rule” of get good qualifications and get a better job has long been broken yet more students annually are going to university to perpetuate the myth. Grown-up people, or even young people are often stigmatized because they can’t get a job due to their level of education, soft skills, experience and the situation on the global labour market. The current “world for the few”, has stolen from most kids the right and the possibility to learn what are the true and important things in life: curiosity, investigation, discovery, spontaneous love, smile, authenticity, integrity… to replace them with GDP, Spread, Global Economy, Financial Market… and these are empty words for ordinary people.

Those in Power too often do not listen and they are in denial as to what people are saying they want.

The underlying current is a desire for Change, but being disconnected from the current leadership leaves rudderless ships with no captains and full of people who feel “forgotten”. We live in a world where even media, television, and pollsters are unable to give a true picture of the beating heart of ordinary people’s lives. The political and social consequences are plain to see.

But there is hope. We understand life, we have been there, we have the T shirt and history. We are ambassadors for Change, and pragmatic evangelists. We want to give a strong impetus for Change, and we want to do it through a completely different vision of Education. An Education by doing and learning while expecting and dealing with failure as an experiment to being successful. An Education that builds a strong foundation of self-esteem, confidence and self-belief that clarifies our purpose and drives us forward.

It's way above business and politics, it's about PEOPLE, it’s about YOU being the best you can and want to be.

We truly live now in “another” world. We live now in an interdependent world and must reform ourselves, our minds, to meet this new reality.
We’re at a point where tech is advancing faster than most people can keep up with, and everything is connected in some way. Society has changed profoundly in this last decade. Most behaviors have changed.
This new world requires a new mind that understands the transdisciplinary interrelatedness of all life and human activities, which is something that is currently missing from traditional education system.
We want to empower You and unleash your fullest human potential by giving you the ideas and tools to integrate multiple layers of meaning and experience as you learn, to build a greater number of stronger connections throughout your brain, your memory, and the varied realities of life surrounding us all, and in the process see the bigger picture, find greater identity, meaning, and purpose, and Be The Best You Can Be.

One thing above all others.

We want to give You the power to fill the biggest gap of modern society: Happiness and Positive Living. Because happiness is an important measure of success and wellbeing. Regardless of what you do for a living.

Our Way of Thinking

We are convinced that now more than ever, Education is not preparation for life but rather life itself. We believe that education IS NOT an intellectual undertaking that is separate from the rest of the individual.

We strongly believe that after all is said and done we are a collection of our experiences and what we did or do not do in response to those experiences.

How many schools , curriculums, lessons and or standardized tests take this into account? Education system provides notions, not how to be mind fit, and live a full and positive life. This is exactly our challenge.

Our Culture

We are ambassadors of democratic innovative workplaces where talent has access to personal and career development. We don’t believe in hierarchical, top down command and control organizational models.

We believe in “enlightened" communities that fuel a explorative, people-centric economy, and are hubs for new ideas and creative ways to rethink old, industrial age systems and models, and create entrepreneurs.

We want to inspire people, our people and our customers to be creative, productive, innovative, and most importantly feel really valued as human beings and employees. That’s the way we run our businesses.

Our Awe-Inspiring Code

We live and work by a Awe-Inspiring Code, which groups together the main 11 values we stand for:

-When we engage in business activities, we do that to perform, to get results, to get the job done.

-We strongly believe in honesty, authenticity and integrity.

-We care about the people, our customers, and those we lead.

-We chase a higher purpose that goes beyond ourselves.

-We put action over hope.

-We help people reach places they didn’t know they could go.

-We believe that leadership is nothing if not understanding the need for change, and then possessing the ability to deliver it.

-We are strongly determined to serve as a talent magnet.

-We don’t seek the spotlight at any cost, we seek to shine the spotlight on enlightened minds.

-We take responsibility for our words and actions.

-We want to create a positive impact on humanity, to empower people to be the best they can be through healthier, happier lifestyles.

All this is reflected in the decisions we make in our lives, within our teams, our businesses, our partnerships, and when dealing with our customers.

What we do

- Media and publishing aimed at elevating human potential across a wide range of topics.

- Technology aimed at building advanced platforms and ecosystems for learning.

- Support for converting innovative ideas into real companies.