• We strongly believe in the Renaissance of people, business, and cooperation, on the basis of a new way of thinking that can push humanity forward.  We wholeheartedly believe that everybody can change and improve. We ask our collaborators, customers, and everyone else, to join together and make it a reality.
  • We cooperate and/or hire people for their ability and willingness to constantly create, give fresher perspective, give some innovative, new ideas, rather than for their “cold” technical competence. We work with talents, extensively, so that other “stars” can be born.  We create workshops for “ideas energy”, always starting from the richness of the “first person”, the single individual, without ever pursuing the myth of depersonalized business.
  • We cultivate the virtuous circle of thinking, doing, and relating with others, namely, knowledge, action and social awareness.  We believe that work needs to be fun, educational and so excited that you look forward to joining your colleagues every day.  We nourish freedom of thought, by following the dream of enlightened minds and holistic competence, one that includes both collaborators and customers.
  • We are persistent. We revalue “patience” as a quality for creating something “outstanding” –  We recognize the centrality of people’s excellence, in many respects, and consider it as the main strategic key for entering the global market and for learning how to communicate it.
  • We manage the subtle boundary between sharing and competing.  We do not foster competition among our collaborators. We lose control, in a way, in order to keep steering, to create an advanced environment with a human dimension, and intelligently govern the strategic digital link with the world that new technologies make available to us.
  • We cultivate the centrality of relational training, winning minds, and human relationships, also, and above all during our daily activities. We strengthen the role of systematic empathy by detecting beneficial evolution as soon as it appears.
  • We are responsible for our own charisma and we recognize the creative subjectivity of our collaborators, and every single human being. We undertake transformative leadership and transformative education with the courage of our choices and our characters, always leading from the front.
  • We “produce” creativity through motivation, spontaneity, and tacit knowledge.  We glide between vocation and “convocation”, aiming at personal and collective growth, simultaneously.
  • We welcome the role of the “unexpected.”  We pay attention to the power of wonder, and give space to intuitive leaps, in a sort of all-involving process.
  • We cultivate maturing abilities. We transform patience into timeliness, we explore opportunities, for ourselves and for all.  We face the time to market, without getting sucked into it.  We develop the role of younger generations, starting from their association with the international world and that of global communication.

We want to help people become the best version of themselves, and expand the excellence of every single person into a worldwide phenomenon.