Elinor Cohen, an exceptional marketer, who, together with Aviram Galim a business strategy “rainmaker” founded The Engagement Strategy Group , said that the future of social is making it human, which is a concept I very much agree with. The Internet is a forest of information. It is the dictator of the future of all human knowledge compiled by the world. We always read: “do this, do that” and so on… just instructions…. sometimes useful instructions, but it’s like browsing a phone book.

We are disoriented, often times confused in front of a massive irruption of information.

What makes the difference for the people ?

In my humble view, I think that if we really have a strong message, and we want our content to make a positive impact on the life of others, we should convey our feelings, aspirations, passions, our weaknesses and our strengths… who we really are, how we react to the things of life, what we want to achieve, what we can learn from our life, dos and don’ts, our vision of the world. Everything applied to the real life. In order to let others identify with us, for developing a sense of belonging to each other. Like a reciprocal mirror of our human condition.

That’s what touches people deep inside, makes them think, and brings them together.

True story typed on a vintage typewriter


In short, the things that make us authentically human… Then, it doesn’t matter if what we say is “dressed” in a business or social context.

Now, what we call: “Our Industry” is the Life. The life of us all. The environment that surrounds us all. Our Life and Interactions as Human Beings.

Because that is what we are: HUMAN BEINGS, not machines, and our humanness withers, we can’t get the message across, if we stay for too long inside our cultural/technological cocoons. Whatever they are.