AAEAAQAAAAAAAA0TAAAAJDdiNjk4ODJkLTQ3MjUtNGJkNi1hNzNhLTMwYmM2NGU2NGUwNgWhen I had a proper job working in the oil industry I was to say the least forthright in my approach and some might even call it blunt. There is a nickname I acquired along the way – two words and BB for short! If my opinion and experience was wanted I’d give it and typically I’d get straight to the point. But that was internally, and as you may know the oil industry is driven by Joint Ventures so my approach externally was more politically driven. Today you could view it as being emotionally intelligent – but whether that was internally, externally or both is up for discussion! There is an irony here as all companies have an internal streak of politics, but I hated the waste then as I do now (#behavioralwaste #behaviouralwaste) and some streaks are much thicker than others.

Of course I know more about this arena today as CEO of Mind Fit , but at the time my apparent chameleon attitude and behaviour was seen in a very different light by many. Most were judging me rather than doing what I was doing and getting on with the job. When hiring for instance, when I had a choice, I was known for hiring the best, even if it put ‘pressure’ on me – bring it on! The better my team the more they can do and the more I can get after. Even so, I never got fired! In fact many the time I wanted the golden handshake only to find I was never on the ‘at risk list’. Even when I thought I’d designed my exit, I ended up managing the change that ‘the team’ had recommended.

Today it might be seen as authentic and transparent however whilst those words may be relevant, if you believe an engaged team is the holy grail, the dream team, and the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and… then the following picture will speak volumes to you


LEAD2017 in Pakistan

Here I’d first like to thank everyone that attended conference and particularly the many supporters and volunteers (shown below) that made it happen for the 140+ delegates.


In a breakout session in between speaking, I was with Ali Jafri of Knowledge Now and the discussion was about leaders needing followers and looking back to see who’s following. I related the beliefs of the best athletes, and that they focus on what they’re doing and not who’s following, because if they look back or sideways they are likely to fail. If you’ve done your homework, and your belief has evidence, even if it goes against the popular trend, you will go and do it. You do the right thing even if it’s not popular – and as for who follows, that’s their choice not yours.

If you get out there and fly the flag, you’ll also be subject to this…


It’s nice to have followers, but you’ll soon find out who’s following because if you’ve done it right, and it works for others, they will come alongside and start saying what if… and then you encourage them to take the lead.

Leadership is a lonely place

When something is new, you start at the front with chants of ignorance, laughter and the fight that usually follows… but then when you win, you’re at the back as you’ve done your job… until the next time.

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As ever you have a choice, so what’s yours?

All the best

Neville Gaunt