Diactica creates and develops businesses that innovate on transformational education, and gives you access to an alternative vision of learning to get the best out of yourself and from what is going on currently around you, across a range of inter-related topics of modern life.

We help you convert innovative ideas into real companies, through different mediums that range from educational technology, digital publishing, online learning, mobile applications and events.

We stand for groundbreaking ideas, that enable people of all ages and different walks of life to unleash their full potential and live extraordinary lives.


We are determined to make life better for the people by enabling everyone to unleash their fullest potential – to be the best they can be through Education, through a 360° learning.



Not just us. The role of breakthrough ideas, winning minds, visionaries, their values, their thoughts, their lives, and how they run their businesses, and connect with the world, is an essential factor in fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, through a “think-and-do-the-right-thing” leadership. From business to sport, passing through a series of crucial topics of modern society. Our objective is to increase awareness and to enable as many people as possible to play an active and positive role in business and society, following the example of enlightened minds.

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Diactica will launch in 2017 a network of brands
and different websites in different languages.

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Globally there is a gap between what young people gain from education and what life really wants with them. We want to help close these gaps by helping Education transform – from primary school level right through to higher education.

We believe that for education to be more effective, it must be holistically attuned and flexible to meet the needs of modern society. Modern society demands that young people are work ready, socially and geographically mobile.


The growth in start-ups shows that lots of people today are not satisfied unless they are masters of their own life, their destiny, and their future. Today people want the power to create, reframe all facets of their lives and get a sense of empowerment. The next Edison, Dyson or Jobs needs to be encouraged and supported.

We want to give people the means, the knowledge, the crucial leadership including the drive, collaborative spirit, winning attitude and emotional intelligence to do so. We want to create conditions which make it possible for new young entrepreneurs to produce a whole raft of new ideas, out of which they may perhaps develop that one breakthrough innovation.


Without the relevant support including access to funding, mentoring and market access new entrepreneurs struggle to get their businesses off the ground.

For new entrepreneurs that have a viable vision we want to support those with breakthrough ideas so they get to market quicker and achieve their dreams.


Being in harmony with the Ocean, - and demonstrating a True Leadership, in the most profound sense of the word, share something spectacular, an immensely important connection most people do not know. A connection that makes you feel a heightened sense of things, and adds so much to your life, as opposed to being afraid of it. A Mindset made of a Positive Purpose and Energy, to yourself, people, life and Nature, all of which make you perceive life somewhat differently than the majority of people in this world.

If this seems like a lot, wait and see …

Celebration of Awe-Inspiring Gamechangers

Awe-Inspiring Togetherness

“The best ideas don't come from reason but from a lucid visionary folly” … where you least expect it…

We want to bring together our talents once a year for few days in the most amazing places in the world,to celebrate their awesomeness, and to unleash the lifeblood coming from self-awareness of what you can achieve… Enthusiasm, Togetherness, Fun, Sport, Companionship, Brainstorming, Mutual Confidence, and Dreams and Active Imagination for the common Good and Growth.

So, stay tuned!



We always thought that the best people are the ones who have a higher purpose in life, an ideal that goes beyond themselves, and the passion to chase it.

That’s our WHY


and wherever we can help you see the world in an entirely new light.

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